Mini-Jaw Crusher

Crunchy Compact is the perfect Machine for apartment construction works and renovations. Crunchy compact can easily reduce the volume of demolition remains (rubble, tuff, bricks, tiles, pieces of travertine and concrete – also reinforced) and allows their reuse directly in the constructions site.

Crunchy’s main features are the low noise level and the single-phase power supply with low electrical absorption (only 2.2 kW). Furthermore, the machine is sturdy, light and equipped with wheels so it’s easy to move it around.

THE SOLUTION AT HAND: Renovation works often create a large amount of construction waste difficult to transport that create many problems of additional work (use of a worker to carry the bags that could break during the tranportation), waste of financial resources and time.  Crunchy Compact is the solution of all this problems: the machine reduces the volume of demolished material (up to 5 times the number of bags produced) and facilitate its reuse on site, producing excellent aggregates for screeds, substrates and fillings.


In this Version, Crunchy Compact is equipped with short legs with swiveling wheels (two of which with parking brake) covered in damping rubber and handles that allow its lifting and the overcoming of many obstacles.
Standard hopper with PVC protection.


Crunchy Compact can be configured according to needs with:

Vibrating Sieve: For the separation of the granulometry of the crushed material;

Intake plenum: For dust suppression;

Gripper: For the bagging of the crushed waste.


By using the Vibrating Sieve you can separate the crushed material according to the size of the interchangeable perforated mesh. The sieve is supplied with a choice of 3,5,8 or 10 mm mesh.

The machine allows 6 different working positions for the mobile jaw which correspond approximately to the following granulometries of the crushed material


Position A: from 0 to 7 mm;

Position B: from 0 to 8 mm;

Position C: from 0 to 11 mm;

Position D: from 0 to 14 mm;

Position E: from 0 to 18 mm;

Position F: 0 to 22 mm.


Useful for the abatement of dust deriving from crushing, where necessary.

The suction connection is 35 mm, so it can be used with all types of vacuum cleaners on the market.



This accessory allows the classic bags for inert materials to be housed under the crushing chamber in order to facilitate the rapid descent of the material inside the bag.

Applicazione del sacchetto

Technical Data

  • Weight from 125 to 140 Kg approximately (depending on the set-up)

  • 230 V – 50 Hz single-phase power supply

  • Engine power 2.2 kW electric engine or 2.4 kW internal combustion engine

  • Hopper inlet dimensions 320 x 500 mm

  • Crushing chamber entrance dimensions 308 x 135 mm

  • Basic machine dimensions (width x depth x height) 500 x 690 x 1000 mm

  • Adjustment of the opening slit between the jaws 6 positions: 7-8-11-14-18-22 mm

  • Noise Less than 70 dBa (variable parameter according to the type of material being processed)


Crunchy compact is a great machine also for restorations. Using Crunchy allows you to select the material to be treated (by type and / or color) in order to obtain excellent aggregates for restoration mortars (i.e. Cocciopesto).
Cocciopesto is a natural material obtained from the crushing and grinding of bricks (slates, tiles, earthenware, bricks, etc.)  that could be used in combination with premixes, plasters, grouts, bedding mortars, laying terracotta and Venetian floors, outdoor walkable flooring and as a filling material of gardens.