Industrial crushers

Crunchy Plus - Jaw Crusher

The Jaw Crusher Crunchy Plus crushes waste materials from demolition (bricks, rubble, tiles, pieces of travertine, concrete and any other breakable material) facilitating their disposal or allowing their reuse.
Furthermore, thanks to the use of a conveyor belt and an autonomous vibrating sieve the machine is easy to use.

Principle of Operation: Jaw Crusher

Power Supply: 400 V - 50Hz three phase

Machine Dimensions (w x l x h): 1170 x 670 1495 mm

Hopper inlet Dimensions: 620 x 510 mm

Crashing Chamber Entrance Dimensions: 410 x 235 mm

Weight: 550 Kg

Noise: < 75 dB(A) 
(This parameter depends on the type of material processed)

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