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Made entirely in Italy, Crunchy Compact is designed to be used in flats for volume reduction and the reuse of demolition materials such as rubble, tuff, bricks, tiles, porcelain stoneware, pieces of travertine and concrete (including reinforced concrete).

Its main features are the low noise and thesingle-phase power supply with low power consumption (only 2.2 kW) and, being robust, light and equipped with wheels, it is easy to handle.portable and transportable.

THE SOLUTION AT HAND:  Renovation work involves the creation of a significant amount of construction waste that is difficult to transport and which, if not reduced in volume, creates problems of space, additional work (employing a dedicated person to transport many bags that often break on the way), time-consuming and costly. 
Crunchy Compact is a useful and economical machine that reduces the volume of demolished material (up to 5 times the number of bags produced) facilitating its reuse on the construction site, producing excellent 
inert for screedssub-bases and fills. 

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Technical Data

Operating principle: Jaw crusher

Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz single-phase

Motorisation: Single-phase direct or inverter-controlled

Engine power: 2.2 kW (2.4 kW 4-stroke engine)

Hopper inlet dimensions: 320 x 500 mm

Crushing chamber inlet dimensions: 308 x 135 mm

Machine dimensions (w x l x h): 490 x 690 x 1000 mm

Weight: 130 - 165 kg

Solid wheels, diameter: 125 mm

Grooved mobile jaw: Manganese cast iron

Slot adjustment between jaws 6 positions: 6 to 22 mm

Hourly output of crushed mat.: 1 m³ / hour (at med opening) (*)

Minor noise: < 70 dB(A) (*)

Dust production: Low (*)

(*) Variable parameter depending on the type of material being processed

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