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The rubble conveyor belts are manufactured in 4 standard sizes:
3mt, 4mt, 5mt , 6mt. 

They are manufactured with a robust steel frame, steel rollers with bearings, and a thick black herringbone rubber belt.
1.1kw (1.5hp) motorisation for all lengths, guaranteeing superior performance and durability to any other machine of the same type.

High capacity and quick assembly

The special configuration of the belt running surface, made with rollers in a trough, allows better containment of the conveyed material, eliminating the need for full-length tailgates. This increases production while reducing maintenance.
Each conveyor belt is equipped with special perforations that allow it to be quickly and securely attached using simple Innocenti tubes, which is why it can be installed in just a few minutes, even on very short construction sites. It can be installed individually or in chains, on the floor, on a wall, on a shelf, on the ceiling, wherever it is needed.

Ready-to-use and modular

Conveyors for soil and rubble are supplied ready to work. Complete with control panel and loading hopper. Brod secure it in place with innocent tubes and clamps and connect to power supply.
The various elements that make up the belt are interchangeable; by changing the rubber belt and the frame module, the belt conveyor can be lengthened or shortened.


Thanks to the use of oversized gearmotors, electrically driven, and thanks to the belt running surface made of steel rollers with ball bearings, the conveyor belt is the quietest in its class, so much so that it can be used:

- in historical centres

- in renovations even during office hours

- in protected areas

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